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Undergraduate Maths

For the past 3 years I have privately tutored undergraduate students studying for a Maths degree at King's College and UCL.  This involved teaching  all of the course material in detail, whilst helping the them work through all of the course assignments for the following modules:


  • Geometry

  • Analysis of Number and Functions

  • Calculus I 

  • Abstract Algebra

  • Vector Calculus

  • Linear Algebra

  • Probability and Statistics 

  • Differential Equations with Applications in Dynamics. 

Online Classes

Online tuition available to students over Zoom, Skype or Face time

" I began to work with Richard during my AS year of mathematics, and we ran together until the end of my first year of degree mathematics. I harboured aspirations of going to a top university, and the requirements were high. We did manage to achieve that; I acquired A*A in maths and further maths and I went to Kings College London.


Personally I always functioned better in smaller groups, as I worked at a different pace to my peers and could become a distraction. When I switched over to Richard, I discovered that not only could we work at the correct pace for my ability, but we would also actually stop when there was uncertainty, and thrash it out.  This allowed for greater efficiency and thoroughness. I have also always had troubles with self motivation (specifically with regards to formal education), this ceases to be a problem for obvious reasons.


Finally, I would say this - there have been areas of maths that have sent me into turmoil alone, or discussed with my lecturers, or looked at online. Mainly, one can always get an answer somehow. But Richard can always give you that answer, and usually in terms which give you a chance of actually really 'understanding' it, so that it is conceptually basic. This is utterly invaluable."

Arthur Harding - London 

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