Tuition fees are given below. We offer a wide range of subjects which may be taught individually or in small groups. We are happy to discuss at length any of the detailed requirements you might have. Guitar classes start at £35 per hour and are one-one. Contact details for email can be found here.
Common Entrance 

At this age I find 45 min lessons are about the right length to achieve a balance between maintaining concentration and having enough time to get into the details of a topic. 


Individual Tuition - £40

Small Groups (up to 3) - £20

A Level Tuition

A Level tuition works well  in sessions of 1½hrs or even 2hrs. For ease of comparison the rates given below are 1hr of tuition. Lessons are charged pro rata.


Individual Tuition - £40/hr

Small Groups (up to 3) - £20/hr

GCSE TuitionI'm 

I recommend 1hr sessions for all GCSE subjects​. There is a discount available for booking 2 or more hours per week.


Individual Tuition - £40

Small Groups (up to 3) - £20


Undergraduate tuition in Mathematics, Psychology or Philosophy is usually taken as individual tuition. There is also the option of ​conducting the lessons via Skype. Sessions are normally 1½hrs long.


Hourly rate for Undergraduate teaching - £60