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Individual vs Small Groups

We appreciate that it can sometimes be a difficult choice between individual tuition versus group tuition. For this reason we would like to offer a free consultation where we can discuss and assess the needs of the student(s) in order to create a teaching solution which will produce the best long-term results.

Full Courses and Homeschooling

We have availability for a small number of students who require tuition for a full course at GCSE, AS or A2 level. In terms of hours of one-to-one teaching required per subject, the following is a guideline, based on experience:


  • Full GCSE course in 1 year - 3hrs per week

  • Full  AS course in 1 year - 3 hrs per week

  • Full  A2 course in 1 year - 4 hrs per week 

  • Full  A Level course in year - 6 hrs per week


A summary of subjects  available at each level  can be found here.

Catch-up Courses

There are no longer any exams in any form at present in the UK. This has created a situation whereby much of the more difficult material in a typical A level course has been sidelined or omitted altogether. To address this need, I have designed specific courses in order to provide students with the tools they need to fill the gaps in their knowledge.

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