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I offer a wide range of subjects at the four levels detailed below. Please do not hesitate to message me as I am happy to discuss at length any of the detailed requirements you might have. Contact details for email can be found here.

A  Level Tuition

As an examiner for the AQA board and Edexcel I have experience of  preparing students for the demands of AS and A2 exams in Maths (Pure, Mechanics, Statistics and Decision) and Music Technology. I have a fully-equipped music studio here in Chiswick and, as a session guitarist and composer I also offer the possibility of preparing students for the Rockschool guitar grades 1 - 8.


In addition, since 2004 I have taught the full AQA Philosophy A level course and the Easter Revision courses at Collingham.

I also teach the following subjects: Religious Studies (Edexcel and AQA boards), Critical Thinking and Psychology. 

GCSE Tuition

I started my career as a private tutor over 25 years ago, working either in a one-to-one setting or in small groups. Since then I have made significant additions to the list of GCSE subjects I am now qualified to teach. All of the following are currently available:


Maths, Add. Maths, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Psychology, Music, Music Technology and the Rockschool guitar exams which, if taken up to Grade 5, are equivalent to a GCSE in Music. 

11+ Entrance Exams

At this stage, tutoring can be about simply giving a child a competitive advantage significant enough to get them over the initial hurdle of a grammar school or independent school entrance exam. Using a series of the latest ISEB papers and focusing on the three key areas of Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning, I have tutored and otherwise prepared pupils for entrance to such schools as Marlborough, Harrow, Westminster and St. Paul's Girls' School. 

Undergraduate Maths

For the past 12 years I have tutored University of London students on the 1st year Undergraduate program of a Maths degree.  This involved teaching  all of the course material in detail whilst helping the students work through all of the course assignments for the following modules: Geometry, Analysis of Number and Functions, Calculus I, Abstract Algebra, Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Differential Equations with Applications in Dynamics. 

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