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GCSE TuitionI'm 

I started my career as a private tutor over 25 years ago, working mainly at that time with GCSE students; either in a one-to-one setting or in small groups. Since then I have made significant additions to the list of GCSE subjects I am now qualified to teach. All of the following are currently available:

  • Maths

  • Additional Maths

  • Philosophy

  • Religious Studies (Edexcel syllabus A)

  • Psychology

  • Music

  • Music Technology

  • RGT guitar exams which, if taken up to Grade 5, are equivalent to a GCSE in Music. 

I consider it to be part of my role as a private tutor to help students work through the weekly homework assignments they are set at school or college; in addition, I am happy to help them prepare for class tests and mock exams. I also set my own homework exercises, to be prepared for the following week's tutorial.

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