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A  Level Tuition


For over 25 years I have taught AS and A Level Maths and Further Maths classes, covering the syllabuses for all the main examination boards.


This means I am able to cover the material in all of the various combinations for the Core Pure, Statistics and Mechanics syllabuses. I have also specialised in teaching Further Maths, particularly focusing on the FP1 and FP2 components for all the boards. 

Using my experience as an examiner for Edexcel, I am better able to prepare students for the time-focused demands of the AS and A level exams. 


Starting in 2004 I taught the Easter Revision courses at Collingham, an independent sixth form college in Kensington. 



Since 2004 I taught the AQA Philosophy AS and A level and the OCR Religious Studies courses, as well as the Easter Revision courses at Collingham. In terms of specification topics for the former, I have prepared detailed material on the following key areas:

Epistemology - Rationalism versus Empiricism

Moral Philosophy and Ethics

Metaphysics of God

Metaphysics of the Mind

This material is designed to be covered in combination with discussion of the ideas set out in the following texts:

  • Moral Philosophy - Aristotles' "Nicomachean Ethics"  + Hume, Kant and Mill

  • Epistemology - Plato's "Meno" and "The Republic" + Descartes' "Meditations"

  • Plato's "Euthyphro" and Anselm's "Proslogium"

  • Political Philosophy - Mill's "On Liberty"


I have also acted as an examiner for the AQA board's Psychology A Level specification. As a result I have experience of  preparing students for both the structured and essay-type questions at this level and beyond.


I also teach the following subjects:  Critical Thinking and Religious Studies (OCR and AQA - where the Christianity component has been opted for).

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