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11+ and other Entrance Exam Preparation


At this stage, tutoring can be about simply giving a child a competitive advantage significant enough to get them over the initial hurdle of a grammar school or independent school entrance exam. Using a series of the latest ISEB papers and focusing on the three key areas of Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning, I have tutored and otherwise prepared pupils for entrance to such schools as Marlborough, Harrow, Westminster and St. Paul's Girls' School.

Law School Admission Tests (LSAT)

There are many academic and professional examination requirements that include a high level of logical reasoning and critical analysis. For example, the Law School Admission Tests (LSAT) can be a real challenge to anyone not used to reducing down a complex problem to a series of analysable steps. I have provided tuition, based on a systematic approach, for several students  hoping to excel in selection tests of this type. 

"Richard helped me prepare for my Entrance Exams. We studied Verbal Reasoning, Maths and talked about the interview...and we had cake! Epic!"  


      ~  Mia G-B,  Chiswick


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